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PHI Flaring Demo Video – 2CPV

Flaring of tubing demonstration using a PHI 2CPV End Finishing Machine.

In this demo, we use a 2CPV (2 inch OD capacity, pneumatic clamping, variable speed spindle) to flare ~1.0 inch OD tube.

Shown are:

  1. Flare center.
  2. Installation of the flare center to the machine’s spindle.
  3. Setting of the spindle index and locking.
  4. Installation of the clamp / flare dies.
  5. Setting of the tubing into the dies and forward to the previously adjusted finger stop.
  6. Pull of the machine’s spindle lever to draw the spindle toward the tubing and activate the pneumatic clamping.
  7. Further pull of the spindle to contact the flare cone to the tubing for flare forming.
  8. Return of the lever, opening of the jaws, and result of beautifully flared tube ends. “Looks good!”

Note: Machine is in maintenance mode allowing for it to be operated without the clear plastic shield in the down, safety position.

Video edited 30 NOV 2020 from source video recorded 09 DEC 2016.

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