Manual Bending Machines – Precision – 420

PHI’s Model 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine is a totally flexible and precise manually operated “draw” or “rotary die” type machine. It has a special gear-operated bend arm that will increase leverage 4 to 1 when bending heavier tubes. The bender head is bolted to a machine table which is mounted on a tooling storage cabinet. Since it requires no outside power source, your maintenance team can now make precise and accurate bends anywhere in the field.

The 420 may be set up for either right or left hand bending. This machine can be purchased in a bend head only configuration or as a complete system for those jobs requiring multiple bends on different axes – degree of bend (DOB), distance between bend (DBB), and plane of bend (POB). This is the ideal system for forming tube sizes up to 1.5 inch diameter (OD) x 0.065 inch wall thickness (WT).

Special Features

  • Self-contained – needs no outside power source.
  • Hydraulic foot operated mandrel extractor.
  • Precision bends – equipped for wiper die and ball mandrel capabilities.
  • Plane of bend carriage with adjustable chuck.
  • 0.5 in and 1.0 in diameter tool post.
  • Tool Adapter Kit and Operator’s Manual are included with the machine.



 Model 420
Torque:17,280 lb-in

Max. OD

A) Tube

B) Pipe
1.5" max. OD


A) 1.5 in (37.5 mm) OD x 0.065 in WT x 2D CLR

B) 1 in IPS x Sched. 40 x 3D CLR

Based on material (ASTM A-587 steel or equivalent) with 60,000 psi tensile strength, 35,000 psi (241 MPa) yield, 35% elongation
Direction of BendReversible (clockwise or counter-clockwise)
Center Line Radius (CLR)8 in (200 mm) max. (standard), 12 in (300 mm) optional
Maximum Bend Arm Movement195°
Maximum Over-Mandrel Tube Length10 ft (3 m)
Machine Floor Space12 ft (3.7 m) x 40 in (100 cm) x 40 in (100 cm) (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight900 Ib (409 kg) approximately
More Info PHI 420 Precision Manual Bending Machines Specifications



PHI Bender Tooling Selection Guide




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