End Finishing Machines – Flanging – M343 | M369

PHI’s Models M343 and M369 Flanging Machines cold-form 1/2” TO 8” IPS pipe ends to a 90° flange. The machines are simple in design and simple to operate. Skilled labor is not needed to operate the machine, nor to bolt the flanges together — entirely eliminating the need for skilled labor in joining pipe sections.

A complete tooling change can be performed in just minutes. Once the pipe is in place, the flange is formed in minutes. The whole operation — install tooling (if required), insert pipe, form the flange, remove the pipe — requires a maximum of 5 minutes. This compares favorably to the approximately 45 minutes required to weld a flange onto the pipe.


Capacity• 1/2" to 4" IPS - Pipe Schedules 5, 10, and 40
• 1/2" to 2" IPS - Pipe Schedule 80
• 1-1/2" to 8" IPS - Pipe Schedules 5, 10, and 40
• 1-1/2" to 4" IPS - Pipe Schedule 80
Power Drive & Control5 HP geared head motor with magnetic brake. Pneumatic operation, 3 CFM required.15HP, 220 / 440 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, self-contained hydraulic system, 115 VAC control
OperationPipe is clamped in machine jaws and remains stationary while rotary spinner head forms flange.Pipe is clamped in machine jaws and remains stationary while rotary spinner head forms flange.
Dimensions60" x 30" x 58" (L x W x H) 102” x 44-1/2” x 67-1/4” (L x W x H)
Shipping Weight2200 pounds4500 pounds


About Flanging

Pipe-flanging machines permit the joining of pipe sections without the need for costly welded flanges and the associated temporary tack welding, slag removal, and X-ray inspection.

A prefabricated slip flange is placed against the assembly on an adjacent pipe section. A disc-shaped rubber seal placed between the two formed flanges prevents any leaks. Problems in lining up bolt holes are eliminated with the use of slip flanges which rotate freely on the pipe. Standard flanges can still be used.

The slip flange is often called a Van Stone and is widely known as the “Conrac” because Conrac (now part of PHI) manufactures this flanging machinery to form the lap collar.


Typical Applications

Chemical plants, petroleum refineries, power plants, and pipelines.


PHI M369 Flanger End Finishing

PHI M369 Flanger End Finishing

Tooling for Flanging with 343 and 369

Flange Dies, Flanging Cartridge, Flanging Mandrels, Internal Expanding Plug, Expanding Plug Installation Tool
PHI Tooling for Flanging with M343 and M369
See PHI Tube/Pipe End-Finishing Equipment and Tooling Catalog


Tube End Forming Terms: chamfering, deburring, flaring, beading, flanging, swaging, facing, jaws, tube, pipe, shapes, torque, load, capacity, vanstone

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