Tube / Pipe Bending Machines

PHI offers a complete line of tube/pipe bending machines and tooling designed for applications requiring precision bending and/or small centerline radii. PHI machines are available as manual, semi-automatic or with programmable digital controls for multiple-axis bending.

General Capabilities of PHI’s Tube and Pipe Bending Equipment

PHI’s line of tube and pipe equipment offers maximum performance for a variety of applications. Capacities range from 1/8″ diameter light-wall tubes to 3″ diameter IPS heavy pipes.

When you need accurate, precision tube/pipe bending for light-wall tubes or heavy IPS pipes, PHI has the machine and tooling solutions to get the job done!

PHI Tube and Pipe Bender Catalog

PHI’s Tube and Pipe Bending Machines

PHI Manual Bending Machine Family Feat

Manual Bending Machines – Bench Mount – 410 / 411

PHI’s two bench-mounted manual bending machines allow for economical bends of tube up to 1″ OD x .065 W.T. and pipe 1/2″ IPS. The ideal bending machines for prototype departments, small machine shops and operations where cost is a factor and when only a few bends are needed per piece. With tube forming capabilities up to […]

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PHI 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine

Manual Bending Machines – Precision – 420

PHI’s Model 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine is a totally flexible and precise manually operated “draw” or “rotary die” type machine. It has a special gear-operated bend arm that will increase leverage 4 to 1 when bending heavier tubes. The bender head is bolted to a machine table which is mounted on a tooling storage […]

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PHI 233 Synchro Tube and Pipe Bending Machine

Synchro Bending Machines – 210 / 220 / 233

PHI’s synchronized bending machines, Models 210, 220 and 233, offers three-axis bending with one powered axis for the degree of bend (DOB). When configured as shown, these 200 series benders provides high-speed production of simple and complex bent tube shapes up to 3” outside diameter (OD) and pipes up to 2” IPS. Configurations range from […]

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