Manual Bending Machines – Bench Mount – 410 / 411

PHI’s two bench-mounted manual bending machines allow for economical bends of tube up to 1″ OD x .065 W.T. and pipe 1/2″ IPS.

The ideal bending machines for prototype departments, small machine shops and operations where cost is a factor and
when only a few bends are needed per piece. With tube forming capabilities up to 1.0” diameter These machines offer a great return for the investment.

PHI’s draw bending machines let you bend tube and pipe at extremely low cost. When you only need to make one or two bends per piece, you can save time and energy by using these efficient benchmounted manual machines.

The compact design permits a great deal of mobility, as well as flexibility of location. They’re light-weight and require less than four square feet of bench space – including the bend arm sweep.

The tube or pipe length capacity is unlimited, allowing you to use longer lengths with fewer joints.


 Model 410Model 411
A) Tube
B) Pipe
A) 3/4” (10 mm) OD X .065 (1.65 mm) WT maximum X 2D minimum CLR

B) 3/8” (10 mm) IPS X Sched 40 max. X 3D
minimum CLR
A) 1” (25 mm) OD X .065 (1.65 mm) WT maximum X 2D minimum CLR

B) 1/2” IPS (13 mm) IPS X Sched 40 max. X 3D
minimum CLR
Material - Tube35,000 psi (930 M Pa) yield35,000 psi (930 M Pa) yield
Direction of BendReversible (clockwise or counter-clockwise)Clockwise standard, counter-clockwise if specified
Radius of Bend (CLR)Minimum 2D - Maximum 6” (152 mm)Minimum 2D - Maximum 6” (152 mm)
Maximum Bend Arm Movement195°195°
Tube LengthUnlimitedUnlimited
Machine Bench Space
(including bend arm sweep)
20" x 13" (508 mm x 330 mm)24" x 21" (610 mm x 533 mm)
Shipping Weight100 lb (45 kg)175 lb (79 kg)
Tooling Post1/2" diameter (13mm)1" diameter (25mm)
Mandrel Rods AvailableSpecify thread sizeSpecify thread size
Mandrel Rod Bracket AvailableMachine or bench mountedBench mounted only
PHI 410/411 Bench-Mount Manual Bending Machines Specifications

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