Tube / Pipe Bending Machines Family Feature

Tube / Pipe Bending Machines

PHI offers a complete line of tube/pipe bending machines and tooling designed for applications requiring precision bending and/or small centerline radii. PHI machines are available as manual, semi-automatic or with programmable digital controls for multiple-axis bending. General Capabilities of PHI’s Tube and Pipe Bending Equipment PHI’s line of tube and pipe equipment offers maximum performance […]

PHI Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machines Models 2C, 2CP, 2CPV, 3CPV, 8CPV

Tube / Pipe End Finishing Machines

PHI Tube End-Finishing Machines and Tooling PHI tube end-finishing machines are the result of more than 40 years experience in producing tube-fabricating equipment. PHI produced tube end-finishing equipment as Leonard Precision until 1969 and as Conrac’s Machine Tool Division until 1985. PHI Has Machines for Every End-Finishing Job There is a standard machine in the […]

PHI Presses Family Feature


A Complete Line of PHI Hydraulic Presses In more than half a century of manufacturing presses, PHI has designed and manufactured hundreds of different presses. Although PHI is best known for its Laboratory Presses and Four Post Heated Platen Presses, we have also manufactured many other types of Presses (as listed below). Special Expertise in […]

PHI Steel Beam Welding Lines

Structural Beam Fabrication System

Structural Beam Fabrication System PHI’s Structural Beam Welding Line is designed to manufacture custom steel beams such as those used in pre-engineered steel buildings, engineered metal buildings, bridges, shipyards, and trailers / semi truck trailers / tractor truck beds. By manufacturing custom beams, straight or tapered, and with web and flange dimensions not available in […]


PHI supports your production needs every step of the way, with services for installation, repair and maintenance, tooling, and customization.

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PHI 3CPV End Finishing Machine (3CPV-M)

PHI 3CPV End Finishing Machine

Time for new photos of the PHI 3CPV end finshing machine – check them out below and also on the 3CPV EF product page. The 3CPV started out as the Leonard Tubemaster 3CP and 3CP-HD in the 1940s. It is the middle machine of PHI’s current end finsher lineup capable of single flaring (37 and […]

PHI 411 Manual Tube Pipe Bending Machine

PHI 411 Manual Tube Bender

We snapped some new photos of another 411 tube / pipe bender before it shipped out to a customer. They are added to show off here and also on the 411 bender product page. The 411 bender is the second manual bender in our lineup. It’s capable of bending tubes from 1/8 to 1″ OD […]

PHI 410 Manual Tube Pipe Bending Machine

PHI 410 Manual Tube Bender

We just added several great, new photos of our 410 tube / pipe bender – check them out below and also on the 410 bender product page. The 410 is the smallest and simplest tube bender in our lineup. It’s capable of bending tubes from 1/8 to 3/4″ OD up to 180 degrees using 3,745 […]

Happy 420 Day (PHI 420 Bending Machine)-1500x1000

420 Day

Today and 4/20 every year we celebrate the PHI 420 tube and pipe bender! PHI’s 420 bending machine is a stalwart for the U.S. military and especially for the U.S. Air Force and its fleets of aircraft. Many other aerospace and space transportation companies use the 420 to get precise and accurate bends. The 420 […]

Airmen from the 351st Air Refueling Squadron and 100th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron review a checklist prior to a flight at RAF Mildenhall, England, December 4, 2019. US Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Emerson Nuñez

How the Air Force’s metals techs keep aircraft flying

The Air Force’s aircraft metals technology technicians keep the service’s aircraft flying by grinding, welding, fabricating or repairing parts.

PHI Double-Flaring Demo Videos - DF

PHI Double-Flaring Demo Videos – DF

Double-Flaring of tubing demonstration videos using a PHI DF End Finishing Machine.

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