When you buy PHI tooling with your machine, you are assured of single source responsibility and the backing of PHI’s Engineering and Quality Control personnel to insure that your finished product meets your requirements.

PHI maintains a constant inventory of all popular sizes of high-quality tooling for bending and end-finishing of tubes and pipes to industry and military standards. We are glad to consult with you on tooling to meet your fabrication requirements, for our machines or others, and are also prepared to design and manufacture special tooling to meet your specifications. Contact us so we can help you.

PHI Tooling Includes:

  • Bending
    PHI Tooling for Benders
    PHI Tooling for Benders
  • End Finishing
    • Flaring
      • Flare Dies – Standard, Heavy Duty, T-Sleeve, Recessed, Large Diameter
      • Flare Centers – Standard, Tungsten Carbide, Heavy Duty
      • Flaring Centers and Heads –  Standard, Tungsten Carbide, Medium Diameter, Large Diameter
    • Squaring & Deburring
      • Squaring & Deburring Heads
      • Squaring & Deburring Blades – High Speed Steel, Cast Alloy, Carbide,
    • Beading
      • Beading Dies, Heads, and Tips
      • Beading Dies, Heads, and Arbors
      • Tube Stop Plates
      • Beading Dies, Heads, and Rollers
    • Double-Flare Tooling
      • Double-Flare Dies
      • Flare Punches
      • Thin-Wall Upset Punches
      • Upset Beading Punches
      • Upset Punches
    • Flange Tooling
      • Flange Dies
      • Expanding Plug and Installation Tool
      • Die Adaptor
      • Flanging Mandrel
      • Flanging Dies
      • Internal Expanding Plug and Installation Tool

Don’t have the tooling you need or aren’t sure?

Contact us so we can help you match existing tooling to your needs or to discuss and quote customized tooling solutions.

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