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PHI 411 Manual Tube Bender

PHI 411 Manual Tube Pipe Bending Machine

We snapped some new photos of another 411 tube / pipe bender before it shipped out to a customer. They are added to show off here and also on the 411 bender product page.

The 411 bender is the second manual bender in our lineup. It’s capable of bending tubes from 1/8 to 1″ OD up to 180 degrees using 6,785 lb-in torque via manually operated rotary draw.

Efficiently sized, the 411 machine can be mounted on a workbench or can be purchased with one of our floor stands available in several lengths and with optional rail and carriage assembly.

Tooling is a bend die for each tube OD (TOD) and centerline radius (CLR), a clamp die for the TOD, and a pressure/follower die for the TOD. If your bend requires mandrel support, we offer mandrels, mandrel rods, and bench-mounted mandrel rod bracket. This bender can also support wiper dies with an optional wiper die bracket.

This 411 bending machine offers excellent performance and ROI and it’s made to last and made in the U.S.A.

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