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PHI Squaring and Deburring Demo Video

Squaring and deburring of tubing demonstration using a PHI 2CPV End Finishing Machine.

In this video, we use a 2CPV (2 inch OD capacity, pneumatic clamping, variable speed spindle) to square and deburr a 0.5 inch OD tube with rough ends from cutting.

Shown are:

  1. Square and deburr (S&D) head with blades already in place and setup for the tubing.
  2. Installation of the S&D head to the machine’s spindle.
  3. Installation of the clamp / flare dies.
  4. Pull of the machine’s spindle lever to draw the spindle toward the tubing and activate the pneumatic clamping.
  5. Further pull of the spindle to contact the blades to the tubing end for squaring and deburring.
  6. Return of the lever, opening of the jaws, and result of beautifully squared and deburred tube ends.

Squaring and deburring is essential for well formed flares and beading.

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