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PHI Double-Flaring Demo Videos – DF

Double-Flaring of tubing demonstration videos using a PHI DF End Finishing Machine.

Here are two short demo vids that show how simple it is to create double-flare tube ends using a DF all-pneumatic machine.

Demo 1 shows forming a double-flare on 3/8″ OD x 0.028 wall thickness (WT) aluminum tube:

  1. [Prior to video, appropriate dies and punches (upset punch and flare punch set into the toolbar) are placed in the machine.]
  2. Operator moves machine’s single handle to the upset position, causing jaws to clamp the tube with the flare die.
  3. Push handle forward to fire the upset punch.
  4. Move handle to flare position.
  5. Push handle forward to fire the flare punch.
  6. Return handle back to open position – opens pneumatic jaws and die.
  7. Remove tubing and admire precision formed double-flare. “Excellent!”

Demo 2 is similar, but a closer and opposite angle, with 3/8″ OD x 0.035 wall thickness (WT) aluminum tube:

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