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PHI 410 Manual Tube Bender

PHI 410 Manual Tube Pipe Bending Machine

We just added several great, new photos of our 410 tube / pipe bender – check them out below and also on the 410 bender product page.

The 410 is the smallest and simplest tube bender in our lineup. It’s capable of bending tubes from 1/8 to 3/4″ OD up to 180 degrees using 3,745 lb-in torque via manually operated rotary draw.

The 410 is a compact machine that’s easily mounted on a bench or can be purchased with one of our floor stands available in several lengths.

Tooling is a bend die for each tube OD (TOD) and centerline radius (CLR), a clamp die for the TOD, and a pressure/follower die for the TOD. If your bend requires mandrel support, we offer a machine-mounted or bench-mounted mandrel rod bracket, and the rod and mandrels, too.

Made to last and made in the U.S.A., the 410 is an efficient and valuable bending machine.

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