Tube / Pipe End Finishing Machines

PHI Tube End-Finishing Machines and Tooling

PHI tube end-finishing machines are the result of more than 40 years experience in producing tube-fabricating equipment. PHI produced tube end-finishing equipment as Leonard Precision until 1969 and as Conrac’s Machine Tool Division until 1985.

PHI Has Machines for Every End-Finishing Job

There is a standard machine in the PHI catalog for almost any tube or pipe end-finishing requirement — flaring, double flaring, beading, squaring, deburring or flanging. Our machines can handle end-finishing tasks for applications ranging from 1/8” light-wall tubing to heavy 8” pipe.

End-Finishes / Facing by PHI Machines includes: flare, bead, square / deburr, double flare, flange

PHI Tube & Pipe End Finishing Machines Catalog PHI Tube & Pipe End Finishing Equipment and Tooling Catalog


PHI Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machines Models 2C, 2CP, 2CPV, 3CPV, 8CPV

End Finishing Machines – 2C | 2CP | 2CPV | 3CPV | 8CPV

PHI Tube End-Finishing Machines, Models 2C, 2CP, 2CPV, 3CPV and 8CPV, form a family of machines for preparing the ends of tube or pipe for joining with other tube or pipe sections, valves, T-joints, or machinery. Capabilities of PHI Tube and Pipe End-Finishing Machines Using PHI’s tube end-finishing machines, tube and pipe ends can be […]

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PHI DF (Double-Flare) Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machine

DF (Double-Flare) End Finishing Machine

PHI’s Model DF is a high-production tube and pipe end finishing unit, allowing the production of up to 600 double lap flares per hour. The machine is operated by a single lever which activates the two steps required to form a double flare. No electricity is required. All operations are pneumatically powered. The Model DF […]

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PHI Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machines - Flaring - Models M343, M369

End Finishing Machines – Flanging – M343 | M369

PHI’s Models M343 and M369 Flanging Machines cold-form 1/2” TO 8” IPS pipe ends to a 90° flange. The machines are simple in design and simple to operate. Skilled labor is not needed to operate the machine, nor to bolt the flanges together — entirely eliminating the need for skilled labor in joining pipe sections. […]

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