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Bending End FinishingPresses Welding

PHI Automatic Steel Beam Main Welder - Featured

Automatic Beam Welder

Custom steel beam welding for applications like: engineered metal buildings, pre-engineered steel buildings, shipyards, semi truck trailers / tractor truck beds, bridges, and platforms. You can now manufacture custom beams continuously with minimum delays for changing beam sizes or shapes. The PHI Automatic Beam Welder gives your operation higher productivity, on both straight and tapered […]

Auxiliary Equipment for Welding Systems

Auxiliary Equipment for Welding Systems

Enhance the speed, ability, and productivity of your PHI Automatic Steel Beam Welding Lines by adding auxiliary equipment. Flange Tilting Device The Flange Tilting Device is used during the manufacturing of “H” beams. Flanges are automatically tilted to a vertical position against magnetic rollers prior to assembly with the web at the tacking fixture. Done […]

PHI Automatic Beam Gantry Welder

Gantry Welding System

Gantry Welding System The Gantry Welding System from PHI is designed to provide improved productivity over the manual or semi-automatic welding of structural H beams. The welding gantry, with automatic dual heads and wire feeders, can provide a continuous sub-arc weld for the maximum deposit of weld metal at faster travel speeds, reducing operating costs […]

PHI Presses- Manual Comoression - 20, 30, 50 Ton

Presses – Manual Hydraulic Compression – 20, 30, & 50 TON

For over 75 years, PHI Manual Hydraulic Compression Presses have been the unquestioned industry standard. Today, thousands of these compact, efficient presses are in industrial and laboratory service around the world. Highly versatile, PHI manual compression presses are ideal for short run plastic and rubber molding, batch testing, materials development and evaluation, briquetting, adhesive bonding, […]

PHI Hydraulic Compression Press M002

Presses – Hydraulic Compression

For high quality, high production plastic and rubber molding bonding and laminating. “Building-Block” Design and Construction To most efficiently and economically meet the increasingly varied operating and production needs of the plastic, rubber, and electronics industries, PHI has developed a versatile, standardized “building-block” system for the design and construction of its compression presses. The basic […]

PHI Precision Presses

Presses – Precision

Standard air actuated presses that incorporate PHI’s specialized platen designs and advanced pneumatic/air over oil systems into a precision four post press. Intended for applications requiring accurate control of pressure, temperature and parallelism. Force Standard models with capacity rated from 2,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs. Die Space Standard models with die space, or platen size […]

PHI Multilayer Press

Presses – Multilayer

For years, PHI has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Multilayer Laminating Presses, The exacting mechanical accuracy exceptionally precise controls and advanced operating features of PHI presses have made them first choice of printed circuit board manufacturers the world over. In these new and advanced models, PHI engineers have incorporated scores of important new features […]

Transfer Molding and Encapsulation Presess by PHI

Presses – Transfer Molding and Encapsulation

PHI presses are specially designed for precision, high production molding and encapsulation of semiconductors, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors and countless other electrical and electronic components. Presses are constructed for rugged, heavy duty service and are fully equipped with precision time, temperature and pressure controls for both manual and semiautomatic operation. Virtually every key operating feature […]

PHI H Frame Press

Presses – H Frame

PHI hydraulic presses H frame presses are versatile shop presses ideal for: Assembly Straightening Bendfing Product Testing Forming and various other applications Press Frames are constructed of heavy duty steel plates. Cylinders are double-acting operating at 3000 psi for lower hydraulic system pressure and greater reliability. Ram attachments for hydraulic lifting of the table to […]

PHI Manual Bending Machine Family Feat

Manual Bending Machines – Bench Mount – 410 | 411

PHI’s two bench-mounted manual tube bending machines allow for economical bends of tube up to 1.0 in OD x 0.065 in WT and pipe 1/2″ IPS. The 410 and 411 benders are the ideal manual bending machines for prototype departments, small machine shops and operations where cost is a factor and when only a few bends […]

PHI Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machines Models 2C, 2CP, 2CPV, 3CPV, 8CPV

End Finishing Machines – 2C | 2CP | 2CPV | 3CPV | 8CPV

PHI Tube End-Finishing Machines, Models 2C, 2CP, 2CPV, 3CPV and 8CPV, form a family of machines for preparing the ends of tube or pipe for joining with other tube or pipe sections, valves, T-joints, or machinery. Capabilities of PHI Tube and Pipe End-Finishing Machines Using PHI’s tube end-finishing machines, tube and pipe ends can be […]

PHI 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine

Manual Bending Machines – Precision – 420

PHI’s Model 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine is a totally flexible and precise manually operated “draw” or “rotary die” type machine. It has a special gear-operated bend arm that will increase leverage 4 to 1 when bending heavier tubes. The bender head is bolted to a machine table which is mounted on a tooling storage […]

PHI DF (Double-Flare) Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machine

DF (Double-Flare) End Finishing Machine

PHI’s Model DF is a high-production tube and pipe end finishing unit, allowing the production of up to 600 double lap flares per hour. The machine is operated by a single lever which activates the two steps required to form a double flare. No electricity is required. All operations are pneumatically powered. The Model DF […]

PHI Tube and Pipe End Finishing Machines - Flaring - Models M343, M369

End Finishing Machines – Flanging – M343 | M369

PHI’s Models M343 and M369 Flanging Machines cold-form 1/2” TO 8” IPS pipe ends to a 90° flange. The machines are simple in design and simple to operate. Skilled labor is not needed to operate the machine, nor to bolt the flanges together — entirely eliminating the need for skilled labor in joining pipe sections. […]

PHI 233 Synchro Tube and Pipe Bending Machine

Synchro Bending Machines – 210 | 220 | 233

PHI’s synchronized tube bending machines, Models 210, 220, and 233, offer three-axis bending with one powered axis for the degree of bend (DOB). When configured as shown, these 200 series benders provides high-speed production of simple and complex bent tube shapes up to 3 in outside diameter (OD) and pipes up to 2 in IPS. Configurations […]

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