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Multilayer PressFor years, PHI has been the world’s leading manufacturer of Multilayer Laminating Presses, The exacting mechanical accuracy exceptionally precise controls and advanced operating features of PHI presses have made them first choice of printed circuit board manufacturers the world over.

In these new and advanced models, PHI engineers have incorporated scores of important new features many immediately obvious, many others not so readily apparent… until you start production. Each of these new features and improvements has been designed to give you superior operating performance and to significantly increase the quality and production of your multilayer

Obviously the more accurately time, temperature, and pressure can be controlled, the more consistent and close to perfection will be the multilayer laminates. With PHI presses, these parameters  time, temperature and pressure can be precisely controlled with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Press operation is far smoother and quieter, and the array of controlling, monitoring, and readout components include the most advanced, sensitive, and reliable instruments available.

Heating and Controls

Electrically Heated Platens

press electric heated model 100r2424-4

Electrically heated presses feature PHI’s special design platens and digital setpoint temperature controllers with time proportioning and automatic reset for uniform and predictable platen heating. Heavy duty bolsters, insulated from hot platens, and large diameter ram insure that defection is kept to a minimum while providing lower hydraulic system pressure resulting in reduced hydraulic maintenance requirements. Selector switches and timers are provided for either manual or automatic operation.


For Prototype and Low Volume Production

These transfer presses are of simple, rugged, unitized frame design with columns fabricated from wide steel plate, Intended for use in laboratories or production departments for low volume molding of thermosetting resins or elastomers. Options available include lower or higher transfer force, T-slotted platens and plungers in a variety of sizes.

For Precision High Production Molding

PHI transfer presses are specially designed for precision/ high production molding and encapsulation of semiconductors, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors and countless other electrical and electronic components. Presses are constructed for rugged, heavy duty service and are fully equipped with precision time, temperature and pressure controls for both manual and semiautomatic operation. Virtually every key operating feature you could want or need has been carefully engineered into the press system, and are standard on all models.

Special Multilayer Presses

Electric Laminating Press

Example: 75 ton press designed for laboratory applications where exact pressure and temperature controls are required to establish optimum process parameters. Major features are:

  • Electric heating
  • Precise control and operation in three pressure ranges
  • Auxiliary ram mounted air pistons for ultra low pressure control

Credit Card Laminating Press

A production rate of 13,000 standard size credit cards per hour can be achieved using this 200 Ton Laminating Press. Designed specifically for the high production of credit cards the 11 steel platens, 30” x 24”, are electrically heated to achieve a fast heat-up rate and a temperature uniformity of ±5°F.

Manual Hot Transfer Press

Example: 150 ton press with 3 electrically heated platens, 30 1/2″ x 30 1/2″ equipped with matching cold press for manual hot transfer front to back. Special features include digital display of platen position, microprocessor controller for programming temperature and pressure, provision for adding two openings at a later date, and a recorder/data logger featuring math functions, digital printout, and alarm functions.

Multilayer Laminating Press

Example: PHI custom designed 125 ton capacity unit featuring 7 electrically heated aluminum, hard anodized platens 36 1/2″ x 30 1/2″ suitable for operation up to 400°F. Featured for expternal or process monitoring is a 24 point strip chart temperature recorder. Recorder monitoring points are connected to the side of control panel to include thermocouple plugs and jacks. Press includes all other standard equipment for precision control of time, temperature, and pressure.


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