Presses – Transfer Molding and Encapsulation

Transfer Molding and Encapsulation Presess by PHIPHI presses are specially designed for precision, high production molding and encapsulation of semiconductors, integrated circuits, capacitors, resistors and countless other electrical and electronic components.

Presses are constructed for rugged, heavy duty service and are fully equipped with precision time, temperature and pressure controls for both manual and semiautomatic operation. Virtually every key operating feature you could want or need has been carefully engineered into the press system, and are standard on all models. Optional controls are normally required only for highly specialized applications.

With the PHI transfer and encapsulation press optimum processing of all types of resins, both low pressure encapsulation grades and high pressure molding grades, is assured by the wide range, precision transfer pressure and speed control features inherent in the press design.

All operating controls are variable, and can be independently set without affecting processing performance. This gives you utmost flexibility for efficient, economical operation.

Mold mounting and set-up is quick and easy. Bolt hole patterns in both upper and lower bolsters are industry standard, and SPI knockout hole patterns are compatible with most present molds. T-slot platens are supplied for Ys” standard T-bolts to facilitate mold mounting.

Mechanical knockouts are adjustable from 0 to 3 inch stroke by setting a single limit switch.

Learn More: PHI Transfer Encapsulation Presses-Bulletin 1017-A


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