Presses – Manual Hydraulic Compression – 20, 30, & 50 TON

For over 75 years, PHI Manual Hydraulic Compression Presses have been the unquestioned industry standard. Today, thousands of these compact, efficient presses are in industrial and laboratory service around the world.

Highly versatile, PHI manual compression presses are ideal for short run plastic and rubber molding, batch testing, materials development and evaluation, briquetting, adhesive bonding, printed circuit board laminating and numerous other laboratory and light production applications.


Regardless of model or capacity, each PHI press is designed and ruggedly constructed for years of heavy duty service. The finest hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components, controls and safety devices are used, and all components are conveniently located for ready access for operation and maintenance. Featuring flexible “building block” design and construction, the many standard and optional features available on PHI manual compression presses allow you to easily and economically tailor your press to meet your individual testing or production requirements.

Proven Design Features

UNITIZED FRAME — In PHI manual compression presses, the heavy duty frame columns are wide, solid steel plates structurally joined to the solid steel bolsters. Bolsters are ground, and the frame is carefully aligned to insure accurate platen parallelism. The moving bolster is fully guided. This remarkably strong, rigid design affords minimal deflection, assures accurate mold mating and uniform pressure application under all operating conditions.

TWO-STAGE HYDRAULIC PUMP — The PHI patented, manual high/low pressure pump is the most efficient and reliable ever
developed. It automatically converts from low pressure/high volume to high pressure/low volume for ease of operation and
accurate control throughout the range from 0 lbs. to full press capacity, with optional low pressure instrumentation.

DUMP/DECOMPRESSION VALVE — The two-stage PHI decompression and dump valve enables the operator to adjust
pressure to laboratory accuracy. The two-stage design permits precisely bleeding off pressure as required, in the event of
pressure overshoot. In addition, the valve provides gradual decompression and fast or slow press opening.

Standard Features

  • Rigid, all-steel construction
  • Electric, water cooled, ground steel platens
  • Platen sizes from 8 x 8 in to 18.5 x 18.5 in
  • Thermal insulation between bolsters and heated platens
  • Patented two-stage manual hydraulic pump
  • Two-stage dump/ decompression valve
  • Up acting, single acting, low friction ram
  • Removable adapter for increased daylight
  • Unitized frame construction
  • Digital temperature controllers
  • Easy-to-read, accurate pressure gauge
  • Enclosed, contamination-free hydraulic system
  • Quiet, trouble-free operation


Manual Operation20 Ton Capacity30 Ton Capacity50 Ton Capacity
P-21 SeriesPW-22 SeriesQ-23 SeriesQ-24 SeriesB-23 SeriesB-24 SeriesB-25 Series
Platen Size (inches)8 x 812.5 x 9.512.5 x 12.518.5 x 12.512.5 x 12.518.5 x 12.518.5 x 18.5
Watts per Platen800150020003000200030004000
Press Electric Service120 V, 240 VAs specified by customer1
Maximum Temperature (°F)600600600600600600600
Heat Rise (°F/Min)8888888
Ram Diameter (inches)44556.56.56.5
Ram Stroke (inches)4444666
Daylight (adjustable) (inches)4 to 84 to 84 to 84 to 86 to 106 to 106 to 10
Control Range (tons)3 to 203 to 203 to 303 to 305 to 505 to 505 to 50
Height (inches)33333036313644
Base Dimensions (inches)28 x 1628 x 2431 x 1737 x 1731 x 1737 x 1737 x 19
Weight (Ib)34046573096593012201500
1As specified: 208 V, 1 or 3 Phase; 240 V, 1 or 3 Phase; 380 V ,3 Phase; 460 V, 3 Phase; either 50 or 60 cycle service
More Info PHI Manual (Bench) Compression Presses - Info Sheet



  • Strain rod (4-post) construction for maximum strength, rigidity, alignment, and parallelism
  • Supplementary low-pressure, high-precision gauge
  • Digital high-precision gauge
  • Semi-Automatic or Automatic Control
  • Floor Stand – with forklift channels. Standard or moveable with added legs and casters.
  • Motorized system
  • Lamination system – upper heated platens and lower cooled platens



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