Presses – H Frame

PHI H Frame Press

PHI hydraulic presses H frame presses are versatile shop presses ideal for:

  • Assembly
  • Straightening
  • Bendfing
  • Product Testing
  • Forming
  • and various other applications

Press Frames are constructed of heavy duty steel plates. Cylinders are double-acting operating at 3000 psi for lower hydraulic system pressure and greater reliability.

Ram attachments for hydraulic lifting of the table to required height position. Workhead has a manually actuated horizontal travel over heavy duty roller bearings.

Press includes pendant control hand switches enabling operator to view the work from all sides as he controls the ram travel.


 Model 50HD-M-7
Capacity (Tons)50
Width Between Uprights30"
Vertical Uprights7"-42"
Width Between Table Channels8'
Horizontal Movement of Head16"
Ram Speed Advance29"/min
Ram Speed Pressing3.5"/min
Motor HP2
Floor Space65"x36"
Weight1600 lbs


Press includes as standard a plunger set and a table lift chain attachment. Additional accessories such as Support Plates, V Blocks,
Plunger Sets and Punches are available.


Hydraulic Press Terms and References: daylight, capacity, stroke, cylinder, bolster, bed, controls, 50HD-M-7

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