Presses – Precision

Standard air actuated presses that incorporate PHI’s specialized platen designs and advanced pneumatic/air over oil systems into a precision four post press. Intended for applications requiring accurate control of pressure, temperature and parallelism.


Standard models with capacity rated from 2,000 lbs. to 60,000 lbs.

Die Space

Standard models with die space, or platen size from 8” x 8” to 18” x 18”.

PHI’s designs are based on a building block concept that allows customers to select for a given capacity and die space the platen design most suitable to their application,

No matter which platen design is selected, parallelism of .001”/ft. of span will be achieved utilizing surface ground plates guided on ball
bushings and chrome plated strain rods with fine threads for optimum parallelism alignment.

Temperature Control

PHI Precision Presses are designed to operate with a variety of platens, steam or electrically heated, with or without cooling, depending on
your application. As different applications call for different temperature ranges, heat rise, temperature uniformity and heating modes; we at PHI have designed a complete line of platens ranging from standard industrial platens to exotic high temperature platens for laboratory applications. No matter what your application, proven PHI platens are the answer.

All PHI platens utilize special thermocouples, one for each platen, and time proportioning temperature controllers to prevent over-shoot and to provide uniform, predictable heating.

Capacity (lbf)2,0003,0005,0004,0007,0009,0009,00016,00022,00060,000
Platen Size (in x in)8 x 88 x 88 x 812 x 912 x 912 x 1218 x 1218 x 1218 x 1818 x 18
Stroke and Daylight (in)16666666688
Ram Area (sq in)2436365050113113113154154
Ram Equiv. Diameter (in)
Operating Pressure (psi)8585140801508080150150390
Air Supply (psi)90909090909090909090
Air Boosternonoyesnoyesnonoyesyesyes
PneumaticAir Over Oil Hydraulics
Dimensions (L x W x H in)32 x 16 x 3232 x 18 x 3432 x 30 x 3440 x 24 x 4240 x 32 x 5640 x 22 x 5647 x 30 x 5847 x 30 x 5847 x 30 x 6847 x 30 x 68
Weight (lb)22502753506257251,0751,4251,6752,8003,100
Initial Air Consumption (scfm)69751266303095110200
Closing Speed (ipm)60606060606060606060
More PHI Precision Presses-Brochure
1 With platens installed. 2 With "U" type platens installed (typical)

Options Available

We at PHI are aware that special applications may require special features in a press above of what is offered in our standard Precision Presses. For these special applications we have developed features such as nickel alloy platens for temperatures up to 1200°F, special heaters for heat rise up to 50°F/min., 1/4% accuracy temperature controllers, controlled platen cooling, vacuum systems, and many others. We solicit your special applications — please contact us.


Precision Press Terms: daylight, capacity, stroke, cylinder, bolster, bed, controls, gauge, sensor, recipe, cycle, vacuum

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