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‘Metal Construction News’ Features PHI Welding Systems

PHI’s Welding Systems were featured in the September 2009 edition of Metal Construction News magazine’s “Industry Innovations” section.

'Metal Construction News' Features PHI Gantry Welder

Beam turning and gantry welding offerings

PH Beam Turning DevicePHI’s Beam Turning Device allows for increased production by rotating the beam and welding on both sides of a beam, which is required by some building codes. The turning system consists of a solid frame that straddles the conveyors with supporting lifting cylinders and a chain-driven gear motor. Two frames are provided, one fixed, the other movable by motor on rails along the length of the conveyors.

PHI Gantry WelderThe Gantry Welding System from PHI is designed to provide improved productivity over the manual or semi-automatic welding of structural H beams. The welding gantry, with automatic dual heads and wire feeders, can provide a continuous sub-arc weld for the maximum deposit of weld metal at faster travel speeds, reducing operating costs while improving productivity. Presetting the welding parameters at the beginning of the cycle will ensure consistent welds throughout the length of the beam and standardize welding procedures.

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