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Manual Bending Machines – Bench Mount – 410 | 411

PHI Manual Bending Machine Family Feat

PHI’s two bench-mounted manual tube bending machines allow for economical bends of tube up to 1.0 in OD x 0.065 in WT and pipe 1/2″ IPS. The 410 and 411 benders are the ideal manual bending machines for prototype departments, small machine shops and operations where cost is a factor and when only a few bends […]

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Manual Bending Machines – Precision – 420

PHI 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine

PHI’s Model 420 Precision Manual Bending Machine is a totally flexible and precise manually operated “draw” or “rotary die” type machine. It has a special gear-operated bend arm that will increase leverage 4 to 1 when bending heavier tubes. The bender head is bolted to a machine table which is mounted on a tooling storage […]

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Synchro Bending Machines – 210 | 220 | 233

PHI 233 Synchro Tube and Pipe Bending Machine

PHI’s synchronized tube bending machines, Models 210, 220, and 233, offer three-axis bending with one powered axis for the degree of bend (DOB). When configured as shown, these 200 series benders provides high-speed production of simple and complex bent tube shapes up to 3 in outside diameter (OD) and pipes up to 2 in IPS. Configurations […]

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